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About Our Theme

We focus on one thing: an excellent theme with technical optimizations. So that you have time to focus on what matters most to you in your business.

Why we built Creator THeme

At the core of Creator Theme lies a passion for democratizing the world of web development. Our journey began with the mission to break down barriers, making the perks of custom development accessible to sites of all sizes.

We understand that each website has its unique story, and our commitment is to empower creators, big and small, with a versatile and user-friendly platform.

Creator Theme was meticulously crafted to bridge the gap, ensuring that every site, regardless of scale, can enjoy the benefits of custom development without the complexity.

Join us in embracing a digital landscape where creativity knows no bounds, and customization is within reach for everyone.

Block Ideas You’ll Love

(and your readers will too)

You can hire our team at OC for customizations, and developer experienced in FSE, OR wait because coming soon is Creator Templates & Patterns! Pay for customizations you want instead of paying for complete theme customization!

A footer with all those SEO links in a place where users will see them when they need them (when they’re so engaged they reach the bottom of the post). Plus a relevant CTA at the same time!

Lots of easy-to-use row blocks for specific posts, recent posts, or even manual content.

A big, visual grid for catching the eye of users that scroll a little too fast past the good goods.

Search bars everywhere. Never again shall a reader say they cannot find a recipe! (Just kidding.)

Authority-boosting review block. Use in posts, for products, anywhere we want cause it’s a Block theme!

A mobile header without a cumbersome tap-to-open menu that nobody but you uses.

Fun text-only blocks so we don’t overload readers with our mad photography skills, and instead remind them we’re people too.

Powerful User Interface

Customize blocks without a developer. This example is made with a basic border-radius and drop shadow using styles.

Customized Content for SEO

Browse-by or featured areas are not limited to a category’s featured image or custom development.

Easier Images

Say goodbye to frustrating custom crops, investing in higher-level hosting, or paying for image optimizations.

Easier Images

Say goodbye to frustrating custom crops, investing in higher-level hosting, or paying for image optimizations.

What you can expect with Creator Theme:

Ad Optimized sidebar

Header functionality

Excellent mobile menu, search functionality, & brand authority with properly sized content constraints for ad optimization.

Footer Organization

Need social links? We’ve got you covered.

Copyright disclosure? Always included.

Legal links? Not only does creator theme come with placeholders in the footer… we also include templates for our clients to launch those integral pages ASAP!

We’ve worked with content creators for over a decade. Our theme is speed-centric, SEO optimized, built on a mobile-first design using core WordPress.

We’re the only theme that’s built with ad optimizations in mind using core WordPress.

A few live client sites for you to check out: