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About Us


We’re a proud woman-owned business in tech.

Creator Theme is built and supported by the team at Once Coupled.

We’ve enjoyed over a decade of experience watching other women grow their online hobbies into massive businesses driven by ad revenue in the food blogging industry.

We built Creator Theme to support content creators, and businesses of all sizes, using the technical advantages we’ve crafted for our custom clients in the last decade.


Co-Founder & Code Queen


Co-Founder & Quick Start Queen

It’s been an incredible journey to see how far content creation has come since our first WordPress customizations over a decade ago.

We’re excited to offer our years of expertise in crafting custom themes, built to the highest coding standards, in a more accessible way using Creator Theme.

Our Team




Creator theme was built by our team with a dash of love, a sprinkle of strategy, and a whole heaping lot of intention to help content creators of all sizes level up their base theme and code in 2024.