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Our Theme supports content creators who want Control… without Code.

Key Features

Customize blocks without a developer.

This example is made with a basic border-radius and drop shadow using styles.

Complete Control Boost’s SEO

Browse-by or featured areas are not limited to a category’s featured image or custom development.

Easier Images

Say goodbye to frustrating custom crops, investing in higher-level hosting, or paying for image optimizations.

A few live sites

What users are saying

“omg… this page is so much faster and easier to edit than Elementor! LOVE”

Handle the Heat

We’ve spent over a decade working with content creators building pixel-perfect, custom themes. Our theme is built using the latest version (2024) of core WordPress blocks- built to the highest coding standards.

This means you get everything you need for site speed, SEO optimizations, excellent user experience and…. ad optimization.

What you can expect from creator theme

We give you the tools to do what you need from an SEO, Technical & Ad Optimized perspective.

Decrease your dependence on custom development, so that you can do more of what you love.

Grow your business and revenue by leveraging our optimizations with YOUR content

Want to chat?

We can help point you in the right direction in terms of support services, to create an ideal solution for your pain points.

Note: our team works Monday – Friday EST.

For emergency support we recommend rolling changes back in the dashboard, reaching out to your host, or simply hitting “reset” using Creator Theme’s settings.