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Ad Optimization

What makes Creator Theme different? It’s simple.

Ad optimizations: how content creators fuel their revenue.

We’ve worked with companies like Mediavine and Raptive for years while customizing themes for food bloggers. In doing so, we’ve learned what works best to boost revenue (RPM’s) for content creators.

We’ve built our theme with ad optimizations in mind. This principle of ad-centric development is the backbone of our parent company.

What you can expect…

1. Sidebar optimizations for 2024

We’ve added an ad-optimized sidebar that you can use anywhere you’d like on your site.

2. Proper font size and line spacing

We’ve worked on sites over the years with UX, SEO optimizations, and accessibility compliance in mind. No matter what angle you’re approaching your site’s setup, having the proper font size and line spacing is imperative for a website’s success.

3. Header optimized for ads in 2024

Our header has a clear location for your site’s logo, header navigation, and search bar. Our mobile version of this menu is even better- both are built with ad delivery and site speed in mind!

4. Templated Footer optimizations

One of my favorite things about this theme is the reminder of allofthe things I need to do! In the past, I worked on sites that needed footer optimizations with certain aspects of content built out.

Our footer automatically includes important links to pages like privacy policy and disclosure policy. Need a template to publish a page like that for your site? Since we embrace core WordPress, recommended verbiage is included!

What other ad optimizations will I need?

That depends on your content! Our content width aligns with ad optimization recommendations for all screen sizes. After that, it’s on you!

Industry pros recommend a few basic concepts for ad-optimized content:

  • Write posts with more than 300 words.
  • Break paragraphs into 2-3 sentences at most.
  • Add as many images as possible within each post.