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Creator Theme Custom Plugins

Why did we build Small Plugins?

To elevate ALL block-based themes!

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Block-Based Theme with Small Plugins! Whether you’re using Creator Theme, a Once Coupled custom theme, or any block-based theme- you’ll benefit from our plugin solutions.

Why Plugins Matter: In the world of full-site editing, plugins are your secret weapon for custom functionality. Enhance any block-based theme effortlessly, make your content even more powerful, and improve user experience!

Small Plugins Membership: Say goodbye to individual plugin costs. Join our membership at Small Plugins and enjoy unlimited access to all plugins – one subscription, endless possibilities. Offered at a lifetime discount for a limited time only.

Priority Requests for Members: Have a brilliant idea for refining your custom blocks? Small Plugins members get priority for new functionality requests. Your creativity, our priority!

Ready to Amplify Your Blocks? 👉

Explore a world of limitless customization. Small Plugins – where your ideas meet enhanced functionality!